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All of us at Comcast Hometown Network wish to extend our deepest sympathies to the Ermey family, the Cast and Crew of Military Makeover, and fans of the Gunny all around the world. Semper Fidelis.

Host, Ronald Lee Ermey (March 24, 1944 – April 15, 2018). United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant AKA “The Gunny”, helped transform the homes – and the lives – of military families across the country.

The men and women of our Military risk everything to protect our country’s freedom and our way of life. But who protects them when they return? Who supports them, helps them in their time of need and gives them hope for the future?

From the producers of the award-winning home decorating and remodeling show, Designing Spaces, comes a very special mini-series dedicated to giving back to members of our Military and their loved ones. Enlisting the help of decorators, designers, landscapers and other home renovation experts, our host, retired United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant R. Lee Ermey “The Gunny”, helps transform the homes – and the lives – of military families across the country.

Whether it’s a veteran and their loved ones, a wounded warrior or a newly relocated military family, this mini-series salutes those that have risked the ultimate sacrifice, offering hope and a helping hand right here on the home front.


Comcast Hometown NetworkR. Lee Ermey.

With over 25 years in the entertainment industry, R. Lee Ermey is one of the most successful actors in film and television today, having starred or appeared in over sixty feature films, such as Full Metal Jacket, Se7en, Leaving Las Vegas and even as a voiceover in “Toy Story” 1 through 3.Prior to his acting career, Ermey served eleven years in the Marine Corps, two of which were spent as a Drill Instructor. In 2002, he received an honorary promotion to Gunnery Sergeant, becoming the first retiree in the history of the Marines to be promoted. It is this promotion that earned him his nickname, “The Gunny.”Today, Ermey continues to make special appearances in popular movies, acts as the spokesperson for numerous companies and most notably, hosts our Lifetime Television show, “Military Makeover.”



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