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The Aaron Harber Show is a weekly television program that promotes civil discourse. The program is a non-partisan forum devoted to accuracy and the truth via respectful discourse. It is a diametric opposition to television’s use of gratuitous conflict, false controversy, polarization, and personal attacks. The show gives everyone the chance to speak in a welcoming setting conducive to open, honest, candid discussion. The show’s relaxed style, long form structure, and variety of personalities make it both entertaining and educational. Former guests include Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, Goldie Hawn, Brian Williams, Ted Turner, and President Bill Clinton.



Aaron Harber

Aaron Harber is the host and executive producer of The Aaron Harber Show, a nonpartisan, political TV talk show. His career in broadcasting began in 1992 when he served as the host of the “The WatchDog” — a political issues, consumer affairs, and citizens’ rights program on the Talk of the Rockies Network.  In 1994, he became host of “Against The Rush” — a humorous but cogent response to Rush Limbaugh.  The show was produced by USA Talk Network and broadcast on 51 stations by the Talk America Radio Network.

From 2002 to 2009, Aaron served as the host of The Aaron Harber show– a meticulous look at the issues of the day — and its “Capitol Report” special editions.  Aaron also has hosted “The Energy Roundtable TM” — a series within The Aaron Harber Show focused on issues related to Energy, the Environment, the Economy, and their interrelation.  With his distinctive background as a former consultant to the U.S. Department of Energy, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and the Energy Information Administration, as well as having done academic work in the energy arena, Aaron is uniquely qualified to address energy-related issues. “The Energy Roundtable” series has featured over 200 programs and more than 300 guests.  No other series broadcast over-the-air has featured more

Aaron’s political views include elements from both major parties and from some minority parties.  His philosophy is to consider as many views as possible and come to rational, thoughtful positions not bound by any particular partisan, “blind-faith” ideology.  He believes in offering people a “helping hand” and assisting them in becoming independent — not dependent.

Aaron gained national recognition when he was sued frivolously for $20 million by Limbaugh, et al, for using the word “Rush” in the title of his national radio talk show.  With broad-based support across the entire political spectrum, Aaron won the First Amendment case in Federal Court when Limbaugh was forced to dismiss his own case.  Limbaugh threatened to sue Aaron again but never followed through — permanently sealing Aaron’s Free Speech victory.

Aaron is the recipient of the prestigious “Broadcaster of the Year” award from the Colorado Broadcasters Association — the top award for an individual and an honor not given every year by the CBA.  The 60-second television spot highlighting the award can be viewed at

Aaron has accomplished so many things in the field of media, but his primary role in life to date has been raising his daughter — whose unending homework questions kept him very busy for many years. His hobbies are running (he is not very fast but he keeps going), basketball (his height helps), tennis (he’s not very good but he can play), and eating (he’s very good at this).

He also has been a Puppy Raiser and a courier (delivering puppies by air) for Guide Dogs for the Blind and has been caring for multiple pets for decades while living on and managing a 320-acre Colorado farm located between Lafayette and Erie — all for more than quarter of a century.

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