Lifeline brings you never before seen perspective of the people at One Life blood bank, who selflessly worked to save the victims of the attack, as they races against the clock to rush deliveries of blood to the hospital.  The unsung heroes who made the choice to donate blood BEFORE the tragedy, helped the local blood bank, One Life, supply 441 units of needed blood to hospitals during the first 24 hours of the attack.

Inside the trauma center, the doctors and nurses offer chilling accounts of how transfusions were taking place and just how fast the blood was being used. Months later, the survivors and blood donors meet up in a tearful reunion,  personifying the power of blood donation.

In the United States, about 39,000 units of blood are needed daily in hospitals and emergency medical treatment facilities for patients with diseases, organ transplantation procedures and to help save the lives of victims of accidents and violence.

One Blood’s story, and the stories of countless doctors and nurses who saved peoples’ lives during this tragedy,  offers an up close and personal insight into the importance of blood donation across the country.

Check out Life: The Untold Story of Saving the Pulse Survivors, this coming January…X-day @ x pm, Xfinity Channel 819.